Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet (fakeplasticjon) wrote in awesome_wnyers,
Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet


Greetings! this is entry number one in what will soon become the penultimate livejournal community, especially for people in the greater western new york region. We run a tight ship around these parts, only adding people worthy of being added. but to make this a success, the word must be spread. tell the cool people you know about it. but please, do not waste the time of the rest of us or the uncool. let's keep this place nice. once you're in, it's your civic duty to keep it clean around here. no promoting of bands or anything of the sort. if people wanted to see your shitty band, they would without fifty e-flyers hogging up valuable screen space. and strangers don't give two shits about your band, either. this community is just people who are tired of their lame friends and would like new friends. awesome ones. we all have the friends who are just there and would rather replace them with people we like. so here is your chance. and with that, the first entry is in the books. keep up with the entries and this can flourish.
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